So my friend Ana lives off campus. She has a roommate, I’ve met her a few times, she’s been a bit rude to me. I haven’t really cared much because it doesn’t effect me. Ana has said that when they go to the market her roommate openly talks about how much she hates white people. My friend Ana is Mexican and her roommate is mixed Hispanic. Ana really hates it but doesn’t want to start any problems.

Yesterday, Ana and I went to her place to pick up some of her things because she was going to spend the night at my place. I walk in to her apartment and say hi to her roommate. Her roommate then says, “Oh, you brought a white girl. That’s okay though”.

Fucking, “You brought a white girl”. Is it okay that I’m white?! Is that okay to you? Do I need your authority to be walking around in all my white girl-ness?

I was honestly so shocked that I didn’t say anything. Ana and I went into her room and she packed, I fumed. Her roommate was on the phone and when she got off I confronted her. I told her that I didn’t appreciate what she had said to me, and that she will not disrespect me like that. I told her that she was being ignorant and rude, she just shrugged and said “whatever”. I then told her that she didn’t see me walking into a room and saying, “Oh, you brought a Hispanic girl”. She said nothing.

If you’re going to be a terrible racist person, then you’re going to have to stand up for what you are preaching. If you don’t, then shut your damn mouth.